Product TK7

TK7 is a world pioneer in providing real and effective solutions to the rising Oil prices, meeting the stringent demands of modern motor engineering and the strict standards of air pollution control.

Our TK7 line of additives, when blended with regular or low quality fuel, performs a physical change to the fuel, Euro IV and Euro V specifications actually producing a new upgraded fuel, with extraordinary characteristics. In Gasoline, TK7 enhances the apparent Octane number for high performance engine.

When applied in internal combustion engines the results are:

•  Remarkable reduction in fuel consumption
•  Significant reduction of gaseous tail pipe exhaust emissions
•  Meeting the new Clean Air Acts requirements
•  Using the new Ultra-low Sulfur Diesel Fuel and lead-free Gasoline
•  Eliminating Bacteria, Fungus or Yeast contamination
•  Expansion of Engine and fuel component life
•  Reduced car fleet maintenance costs

With TK7, the customer can use low Octane (and low cost) Gasoline In vehicles demanding high Octane gasoline, low Sulfur Diesel, Gasohol and Bio-Diesel, gaining excellent results.