Besides the scientific clear results from leading independent research laboratories, accredited to ISO 17025, here are testimonies of independent testing done by TK7 customers, in the field, in actual real life application:


  • Fleet trial by State of Oklahoma Military department, on 33 vehicles. 22 with standard pump fuel and 11 on fuel treated with TK7. After 8 months of testing, the TK7 treated vehicles returned a 10% fuel saving while the 22 vehicles of the control group showed no perceptible change in consumption.
  • The largest and most extensive field test ever, was conducted in the Israeli Armament Development Authority (Rafael). TK7 products tested on the entire vehicle fleet, counting more than 1,700 vehicles for over 14 Million kilometers. The highlights of the report that was presented to the government are:
  • Average fuel saving for the entire fleet – 11.2 %
  • Reduced maintenance costs and improved reliability of the fleet
  • Significant reduction of Air-pollution.

The minister of environment recommended utilizing TK7 nationwide

  • MAN. the German manufacturer of buses and trucks, tested the product and approved the use of TK7 in all MAN diesel trucks
  • BMW company recommended the use of TK7 in new vehicles to solve problems with Bosh Injector systems, caused by inferior fuel in Israel
  • Large shipping company conducted a test on its  Caterpillar engines. The results were:
  • Reduction of fuel usage 15 to 21 %
  • More power
  • Better response in the engines
  • No smoke-cleaner air for the crew
  • Biocide cleaned the bacteria up in the fuel tanks. No fuel filter changes in 3 weeks.


  • A Railroad company, tested TK7 in their locomotives, engines, resulting in:
  • Noticeable reduction in fuel usage
  • More than 50% reduction in smoke and harsh fumes
  • Increased power with less throttle


  • Big Caterpillar operator report fuel saving of 18 percent
  • Construction company saving 15-18% fuel
  • Fuel companies with many tanker trucks report 16% fuel saving
  • Major shipping company using Caterpillar engines traveled over a million miles without replacing the fuel injectors
  • Caterpillar engines owners report double engine life span
  • Oil & Gas companies achieved over 25% reduction of fuel consumption


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