The distinctive and unique attribute of TK7 Additive product line is the capability to contain 14 different compounds in perfect chemical harmony, without any adverse reactions between the components. Normally the mixing of different commercial fuel additives may cause reaction between the ingredients and as a result, canceled the benefits of the products, and in worse case, creating new harmful compounds.

Tal Technologies developed a proprietary engineering catalytic process, to create this unique harmonic formulation.

All TK7 products are based on the same proprietary formulation. However, each product is customized and varies by chemical composition, ratios and the addition of other compounds.
All TK7 products are EPA (US Environment Protection Agency) registered.

TK7 Diesel Fuel Formula is a multi-benefit, multi-function Formula for light and heavy duty and fuel-oil engines

The main advantages of this product are:

  • Cetane improver-Increases Cetane No.
    from 43.6 to 45.3
  • Upper Cylinder lubricant-Substitutes Sulfur as the upper head lubricant by 400%
  • Detergents-Remove hard carbon deposits from pistons, cylinder bore walls, valves and injectors
  • Biocide-Liquidates Bacteria, Fungi and Yeast and preserves the quality of the Diesel for long term storage
  • Cold Flow improver – Prevents jelling of diesel in the fuel lines.
  • Corrosion Inhibitor – Cushions all metal parts of the fuel system with synthetic film of lubricant
  • Metal Deactivator – Prevents Copper and other alloys from catalyzing the oxidation process

TK7 Diesel Fuel Fungus Preventative Formula contains seven to ten times more biocide (fungicide) then the TK7 SCF 704HS.

TK7 Diesel Fuel Fungus Preventative Formula works in a thirty day “clean out” period. Once this is completed, and TK7 Diesel Fuel Formula is integrated, a 10% or greater savings on fuel can be seen. Both products work by changing 43.6 cetane fuel to a 45.4 cetane fuel, therefore, producing more horsepower. Cold weather pour-point is also decreased to temperatures as low as 19째F .

In addition, TK7 products contain a high detergent, non-alcohol fuel injector cleaner, of the safest quality, to dissolve carbon buildup, wax, and crystalline problems found in fuel systems. Through the use of TK7 fuel technology an upper cylinder lubricant is provided, replacing sulfur, as the lubricant for injectors and injector pumps. Along with these, and many other benefits, TK7 also eliminates valve wear by 360% and bore wear by 600%.

TK7 Diesel Fuel Fungus Preventative Formula provides a fuel technology solution for meeting all EPA regulations.

TK7 Gasoline Formula eliminates premature cylinder detonation (“knocking”) with any octane fuel, and increases horsepower. The TK7-SCF is the perfect substitute for Lead in Gasoline. It can be used safely in older model cars requiring Leaded Gasoline, eliminating the VSR (Valve Seat Recession) that was previously controlled by the Lead. As a result of using this TK7 product, a synthetic lubricant is produced in the upper cylinder which reduces bore, ring, and valve wear by up to 600% and valve recession by up to 360%. It also contains a safe, high temperature detergent for fuel injector, carburetor cleaner, and fuel system conditioner. On average fuel mileage is increased by 14% while emissions are dramatically reduced.