Complying with the new ecology standards, all fuels contain a 10% ethyl alcohol (ethanol) content. The addition of this alcohol reduces the lubricity while absorbing moisture. This combination causes added corrosion of aluminum components in the fuel system increasing engine wear. These new standards caused the lubricity in fuel to be be reduced by 77%. As a result of increasing ethanol content and reducing lubricity, premature pump, injector, and cylinder component failures will increase. TK7 Gasoline Formula is needed now more than ever.

Currently, when using 87 Octane gasoline only 81% of the fuel is being burned on the power stroke while the remaining 19% is going out the exhaust through the off power stroke. Through the addition of TK7 Gasoline Formula, 94% of 87 Octane fuel is burned on the power stroke with only 6% going out the exhaust through the off power stroke. In addition, TK77 gasoline Formula reduces the amount of carbon blown into the oil.

The following chart is a break down of the increased octane effect of TK7 Gasoline Formula through the use of improved ignition power:


Octane index  Octane Effect With TK7v
87 92
91 96
95 101

TK7 Gasoline Formula is also safe for leaded and unleaded vehicles. It will not harm catalytic converters or any emission system components. This TK7 product does not contain MMT or petroleum distillates, both of which are commonly known as fillers or inert ingredients. TK7 fuel technology reduces fuel costs, increases mileage, and keeps engine and fuel systems clean and lubricated.

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