TK7 Additives are the perfect supplement for regular fuel to be used on regular basis. The best way to implement the Additive in corporate fleet is by mixing TK7 with the fuel, in the internal fuel station. For every 1,000 liter of gasoline Add 1 liter of TK7 Super power booster For every 2,000 liter of diesel fuel, add 1 liter of TK7-704HS Concentrate. Once poured into the fuel reservoir, the additive blends without any further required process. The result is an improved fuel enriched with all the benefits of TK7.

The implementation in an internal fuel station ensures precise and economic control of TK7 consumption, independent of driver’s intervention. For the fleet owner, the benefits of using TK7, besides the direct saving on fuel consumption, are:

  • Significant reduction of maintenance costs
    (engine and fuel system parts, overhauls)
  • Reduced down time of vehicles and equipment
  • Lower consumption of engine oil
  • Upgraded reliability of the fleet
  • Preserving fuel quality in stock, for long term storage
  • Reduced air pollution


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